Hi, my name is Gila Baram.

I love to travel and see new places and having worked for a major airline company for 25 years I was fortunate enough to visit many different countries each year. It wasn’t too long before I became an expert on how to make my flight experience a safe and comfortable one.

Aware of the spread of germs and the importance of hygiene whilst on the aircraft, I would change into different clothes- my flight outfit- to limit the transfer of germs from my seat to my clothing. I also tried to keep my hands and tray as clean as possible, but this is challenging when confined to your seat!

When my daughter got married and moved abroad, my travel increased further. Taking a change of clothing for the flight was often cumbersome and impractical, so I began bringing a blanket from home that I could sit on- I had peace of mind that I was not in direct contact with any germs, nor was I transferring them to my daughters home.

Now we are in the midst of a Pandemic. Germs and the transfer of them have never been so important. Airlines are taking precautions to ensure safe travel but in these times of uncertainty I prefer to be prepared, relying only on myself.

That’s why I created ‘Wingman’ Wingman provides a reusable, washable seat cover, face masks, hand sanitisers and tray cover- everything you need to protect you from germs, give you peace of mind and enjoy the flight.

Now when I travel I don’t have to think about what I need to take to protect me, I just reach for my Wingman.

Wingman…we’ve got you covered!